Jesus Saved My Ass – Part II

Feature Video By Matt Carter

It’s Joey, the writer of “Jesus Saved My Ass.” It’s been by far our most popular post yet. I caught up with Matt Carter, another writer of this blog & and asked him to follow up on the last post, touching on many of your comments. Before you watch, I’d love for you to hear me out for a second.

Many of you missed the purpose of the blog.  Some of you processed it in a, “This blog post stinks. I’d never cuss.  It’s a sin,” while others thought, “Man, my cussing IS justified,” or “I’m a Christian. Maybe I should cuss more.”  None of these thoughts represent the intended main idea.  The intention was not for us to personally evaluate our use or non-use of “cuss words,” but rather to personally evaluate how we judge or assess some one’s spiritual condition in accordance with the language that they use.  Taking a second to consider this issue will certainly not hurt your ability to be Jesus’ light.  It’s our prayer that it will actually allow your light to shine brighter.

What do you think?

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