Emery Albums, Emery Fanatics, Facebook Unlikes, and Love

Toby’s favorite Emery album is “In Shallow Seas We Sail,” followed by “I’m Only a Man” and his third favorite is “The Question.”  Matt’s favorite is “The Weak’s End,” followed by “We Do What We Want,” and his third favorite is “The Question.

Toby wants to be a good husband and uses the bible as a framework to help him.  He gets frustrated when he falls short of being a good husband, he loves the church, tries to worry less, and thinks Christians should think more about Jesus and less about themselves.

Matt is excited about being a new daddy and will learn from other men in his community group, some biblical pointers in doing so.  He probably has a whole new vantage point of His heavenly father by being a father himself, he loves the church, he almost blew it with his wife before they got married but God woke him up to the blessing he was overlooking and poorly stewarding.

Now, some of you were with me when I was talking about Matt and Toby’s favorite Emery albums, but the bible?  Being a good husband? The church?  All hell is breaking loose as you read this. We’ll be reading comments along these lines:

“WTF.  More religious bullshit?”  ”I’m out!  Un-like.”  ”More music.  Less bullshit.”  ”You. Just. Lost. A. Fan.”

Ok.  So, i get it.  Some of you are just about good music and could not care any less about who is behind the music.  That’s truly your prerogative and many people approach music this way.  For those of you that claim to take this approach and simultaneously get bent out of shape by Matt and Toby’s personal beliefs, I think there is more truth to the story than your simple, “I just care about your music” conviction.

If you truly only cared about these guys’ music, you’d ignore the “religious posts” and crank up some “We Do (read) What We Want.”  Your “flip out/freak out” response, however, shows that you really do love the guys in emery, have more invested interest than just good music, and because of these emotional ties, you can’t stomach Matt and Toby expressing beliefs that you are uncomfortable with.

Christian Emery fans, some of you are no better.  You read a post that rubs you the wrong way and you post comments that sound like you are losing your best friend (or favorite football team) to Satan.  Some of you just resort to anger, mean-spirited criticism and scriptures translated into the original Greek to throw us all for a loop.

So we get everything from “Emery is losing their faith” to people that want “religious censorship.”  All of you have something in common, though.  You all could stand to simply be bigger fans of humanity.

Christians, this means that you live out the Jesus you preach.  He loved humans and knew that all truth was in Him.  He was the only savior and the complete fulfillment of the law.  Thus He could relax, ditch religion, and be comfortable around all sorts of people with all sorts of beliefs and backgrounds; and simply love.

“Religion is bullshit” type people, this means practicing the tolerance that you so vehemently claim that Christians need to have.

Are you such big fans of people that you forget to love them?

Matt told me that Emery’s Facebook page daily gains 100 fans (likes) and loses 50 fans to unlikes.  The “50 unlikes” probably means a couple of things:

1.  You want the guys in Emery to be more than they really are.  You’ve made them heroes when they are just men.  It would be crazy to “unlike” a regular dude that’s done nothing against you personally.  But, a hero?  That’s a whole different story.

2.  You need to figure out how to love people.  We all get so busy with our beliefs, our agendas and our feelings that we forget about truly loving our neighbors.

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