UnLearning UnLearning


Why do you think anyone would want to listen to you guys?

Hmm. That’s a good point. Didn’t think of that actually.

Why do you allow anyone to have a voice on your blog?

We like most people, are interested in what many have to say, and hope that everyone eventually finds truth in life. We’re thinking that a step in the right direction for all people finding truth, is for everyone to be more quick to listen and a little slower to speak.

Do you promote arguing? 

Often times in the name of “transparency and honesty,” people complain, attack other people’s character, and argue for the sake of arguing.  None of these things are of benefit to anyone.  Because people will still use blogs for this purpose and because this is a blog, it is sometimes necessary for us to make sure we aren’t advocates of irresponsible blah blah blah.  On this blog, when some one expresses animosity towards some one with another belief system, we find it important to encourage him or her to interact with a more loving approach.  Our hope is that when we (Toby and Joey) speak out of turn, or represent Christians poorly, that our homies in the faith will take the time to do this for us, too.

What do you not allow on your blog?

a. Foolish talk by Christians. That’s our team, so we get to decide how we are represented on this blog. We won’t delete what you say, but we’ll try to get you to UNlearn.

b. Any pornographic material.  We’ve got folks tuning in (including ourselves) who are trying to respect/honor their wives and  husbands.  Other single folks tuning in are attempting to view people as more than just hot bodies to lust after.  Personally, we’ve found that pornography does not support these ambitions that are personally very important and relevant to us.

c. Any immature, reckless comment(s), including but not limited to, overly offensive words/descriptions about races, sexual orientations, faiths; any praise for the S.C. Gamecocks; any hate-filled speech that has the capacity to emotionally scar some one.

d. Any use of this blog that falls outside of the purposes that we have created for.