Gay Marriage and What I’m Sure About

jasongage-318x442 “Gay marriage this, and gay marriage that.” To hear some of our thoughts on this issue, check out this post Toby wrote last year called, “Let’s Cut Something Off If You Commit Adultery.”

I’ve heard what you’ve heard and read what you’ve read. Here’s a story that merits more discussion than this issue. Back in 2004, I worked at a restaurant with my friend, Jason Gage. When my wife and I first started working with him, given his knowledge of our faith as well as his homosexual orientation, he just assumed that we were “Christian assholes” who’d never have anything to do with him. This all changed when I brought him back a gift from Lambeau Field. He was a fellow Green Bay Packer fan and I’ll never forget the look on his face when I gave him the souvenir. I could just feel the tension zapped immediately. Months went by and he became one of my favorite people. My wife and I soon moved from Iowa to hang in Seattle with our friends in Emery. Within a month, I found out that Jason had been murdered, many believed this to be a hate-crime. The article my mother-in-law sent me about this murder also included a discussion about our “favorite people” from Westboro Baptist who showed up to Jason’s funeral, picketing with signs, wanting to make sure every one in attendance knew that Jason was in hell. I remember lamenting to my wife that our old restaurant friends back in Iowa probably view the two of us as a part of this “Christian message” that Westboro message was advocating. She assured me that they all knew better. I think she was right.

What do you think?

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