I wouldn’t serve a God who________?

Yeah, I’ve been that dummy that deserved to be squashed, the arrogant prick that critiqued God on how He runs His universe.  You? Maybe you do this, but you don’t see the big deal?  Ok, think of it this way.  What if you drew a stick figure on a blank sheet of paper and figured out how to bring it to life.  Next thing you know, old “stick man” started to yap at you, criticizing why you do what you do AND even considering to part ways to live a life on his own.  Sound ridiculous?  So, here’s my question.
What If God Were Evil?  Would you serve Him anyway? 
What if He wasn’t even totally evil but did/allowed things that pissed you off or hurt sometimes? Would you accept it?  If not, who would you serve?  Some one other than your maker?
I’ve heard many casually make statements along these lines “I could never serve a God that would _____________(you fill in the blank).”
Or how about this one?  “I know what the bible says about God, I just don’t really believe God would do this.  Why?  Because your sense of justice is higher than…GOD’S?
Many refuse to submit to the creator along these lines:  “If there were a God, He is evil, because He lets little kids get killed, and I’ll never love Him.”  “If there were a God, He wouldn’t have let my business fold, and I’ll never serve Him.” If you won’t follow a God who_____, then YOU become your own God and begin making your own truth claims as absolute? 
Claiming what God will or won’t do and implementing ourselves as God is so dangerous.  Let me submit that we are ALL guilty of this. “Rapist don’t deserve forgiveness and will go to Hell.”   “Our church is so much more fruitful than theirs.”  ”There’s no changing that person so they deserve what they get.” These thoughts creep in quietly and leave on our tongues as loud declarations of pride and hypocrisy. Christian brother and sister, perhaps, you’d think me to be blasphemous to even conjure up such a notion as an “evil and all powerful God,” but I personally believe that a reflection of this can possibly be revealing of our sinful, elevated, and false sense of importance in the universe.  Who are we to reject G-O-D, no matter what kind of God He is?  Why would you purposely raise a fist to an all-sovereign/all-powerful God that has control over the destiny of your soul..no matter what kind of God He is. What if He were evil?  I’d serve an evil God, then. It would not be easy but it would be serving the true God. 
If there IS a God, here are some things that shouldn’t be of great concern to you:
1.    Whether or not you agree with Him.
2.    Whether or not He makes logical sense to your limited brain.
Here are the important questions:
1.    Is He God?
2.    What are the implications of you living a life in opposition to Him?  
When it’s all said and done, we can be thankful that God IS good and has revealed his goodness through many generations, especially through His incarnate Son, Jesus Christ. Rightly seen, Jesus and what he has done, is the most beautiful and precious thing to behold,  worthy or worship and surrender.
We can and should let God be God. He is the only one to serve because He is God and Lord of all.  He is just, and kind, and loving, and a dad.  His wisdom surpasses all knowledge and He wants to have a redeemed relationship with us, untethered by sin.  

What do you think?

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