Why Matt & Toby Play House Shows

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In case you haven’t heard Matt and I have started a band called (I know it’s really emo) Matt & Toby.  Our album came out a few months back and most people think it’s the best album ever by Matt & Toby, the band.  We have also played a lot of shows, and so far they have almost all been in people’s living rooms.  Why do we do that? I’ll answer by using Joey and many pastor’s style by giving you three points and hopefully they’ll be applicable to your life.

I wish I could use some alliteration…Wait! How About:  Bathrooms, Beer, and The Bible!

Okay I’m not as good as Pastor Joey

1. Bathrooms:  Well, houses have way better restrooms than bars and clubs.  You guys that come to our shows are just really bad at aiming, or you think too highly of yourself and stand a foot away from the urinal which is just sad.  I mean come on. Also, I single out the guys because usually we, Emery, hit the girls restroom before anyone gets there, and most of the time it’s like a weird universe where people actually think to leave the restroom clean.

2. Beer:  Well people are very hospitable at their houses and usually we break bread, have a beer, and fellowship with the host.  It’s like the Bible in action.  You have food and talk and it’s comfortable.  WHAT!!!!  You can do that? (check this post on “stumbling blocks”)  Yes, and honestly many times it’s Little Caesars Pizza, which is actually endorsed by the Lord.  Try this though if you haven’t. Invite someone to your house for a meal and talk.

3. Bible:  We get to talk about what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives in somebody’s home where people are chilling.  I mean, we are not an untouchable band on a distant stage. We’re just dudes talking about Jesus and how much we don’t get right and how that’s all HE does (is get it right).  Also, people respond to us with their stories, and the show becomes an honest and vulnerable time for the people actually willing to step out.  It’s actually been life-changing.

I did leave one out.  Blow Out.  We go to Mcdonalds after every show and each spend $15 and eat everything.  Please be praying for Matt’s by-pass surgery next week.

What do you think?

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