Since YOU Struggle, I Have to Stop WHAT?

prisonWe wrote a post a while back about stumbling blocks. You can read it here.  After reading, some of you still thought along the lines of, “We STILL should not drink alcohol, cuss, or any number of things because universally, some one may be out there watching with weaker faith and struggle, due to our carelessness.  I am a huge sympathizer of this point-of-view and abided by it for many years.  I still think it’s actually valuable to think through these lenses.  If we are all about God’s glory, why wouldn’t we at the very least start here?

I just don’t think it is as simple as “if some one else MAY struggle with it, we need to avoid it altogether, plain and simple.” If this were the case, we’d also need to:

1.  Ask all of our “Christian hotties” (even some of the males like Devin Shelton) to dress like Muslim women, hiding even a hint of curve.

2.  Stop being die-hard fans of sports teams.  We all know that there are many Christians, including myself, that struggle with sports teams being an idol in their lives (an idol being anything that comes before God).

3.  Get ALL Christians to GET THE HECK OFF Facebook, once and for all.  We all know dang well that too many Christians are spending too much time on Facebook when they could be spending more time helping the needy and/or spending quality time with their kids.

4.  Refrain from pointing out the sin of your brother or sister in Christ (like the bible tells us to).  They may respond with sinful anger.

5.  Stop wearing any name-brand clothes or drive a nice car (even if it’s a graduation present or an inheritance).  You may cause people discontent or jealousy.

6.  Refrain from ever eating a big ‘ol piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.  Lord knows how many people that could be watching you, who are actually worshippers of food and will eventually even lose their lives over it.

7.  Quit being the bearer of good news about ANYTHING.  Just keep the glory between you and God.  Don’t expose God’s glory to others, because the hearers MAY wish that those blessings would have fallen on their laps and not yours.

8.  Just stay in our Christian bubble, away from sinful things and sinners.  Never mind, 1 John 4:4.

9.  Don’t EVER and I mean EVER EVER let your kids out of your sight. No matter how old they are. 25 years-old, 45 years-old. It just doesn’t matter. Don’t do it. You will be willfully allowing them to enter into compromising situations. You can’t trust God on this one. You gotta stay in control.

10.  Never refer anyone to this blog that we call un-learning.  Me, Matt and Toby have and will unfortunately again say something out of sinful motivation that has been, and certainly will be a bad example to the person that “you just caused to stumble” by pointing them in this direction.  Crap.

Love one another, give up your freedom when you know of a particular brother or sister that could struggle by your actions, and point people to Jesus, the author and perfecter of every one’s faith.

Please hear this last statement (None of us can afford to let it go in one ear and out the other). If we merely point non-Christians in the direction of moral living, we will have gained absolutely nothing; and it would actually be the mother of all stumbling blocks. That’s preaching a “different gospel,” which is no gospel at all.

What do you think?

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