Did Jesus Want to Hook Up with Girls?

maryTo answer this question with an emphatic “N-O-spells-no,” in my opinion is to trivialize and perhaps make light of the sacrifice Jesus made in coming to Earth for the salvation of all men. Jesus suffered on the cross, but part of Jesus’ sacrifice was setting aside an aspect of His divinity in order to be a human. Jesus’ “divine right” was heaven and He left this PERFECT place to dwell among sinful men, on this fallen earth, for crying out loud! Most of us wouldn’t even want to leave our middle-class suburbia to live amongst folks in the slum for even a weekend.

The question that needs to be addressed here is, “at what point does ‘struggling with sin’ actually become sinning?”

Christians should all be struggling for absolute purity. Unfortunately, however, for the vast majority of guys, and for many ladies as well, the battle with purity starts in the eyes. Thus, a person who isn’t seeking anything sinful can enter into a conversation with an attractive person of the opposite sex and his or her body can often have (at the least) minimal sexual response (perhaps we can even call this arousal). The main issue now becomes, “Where do you go from here?”

He or she can let his or her thoughts run “buck-naked-wild” which would be a sin…..or one can call on Jesus for help. No matter what, this crossroad so to speak, is called “struggling with temptation,” which is not a sin. I can say this last statement with full assurance because Jesus struggled with every temptation and yet was without sin.

Did you read that? He struggled with “every temptation.” Don’t you think that included temptation to compromise his sexual purity? I’d say it’d be a little naive to think anything otherwise. Don’t minimize what Jesus did and who He will be for the rest of eternity. He’s fully God and always will be, but He became fully man (with all the struggles of a dude) and always will be a dude. That’s why I often call Jesus my big brother. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and “little brother proud of his big brother” feelings when I reflect on this truth.

My encouragement to the fellas and ladies that struggle to protect their sexual purity (most of us): We are inundated with sexual images that are all over the place. Just like any military battle, we should strategize like the old-school baller Job did here, in order to be prepared for battle before we are even confronted with temptation.

However, there will be times in which we are “sneak-attacked” and even feel the brief onset of sexual arousal and lust. This, my friend, isn’t necessarily a sin. Is it a sin for a former alcoholic to desire getting drunk after receiving some bad news? Probably not.

We are in a battle. Thus, we should prepare for action against our sinful nature and/or attacks of our spiritual enemy. Just remember, though, for there to be a real battle, there’s got to be a real struggle with real temptation. Take heart. As long as you are fighting like hell, you are not in sin. I personally find that I am way more vulnerable with various temptations if I don’t begin my day reorienting my mind with Christ, through prayer.

Let’s not forget the best news of all. Even if you or I fall into sin (i pray that we won’t, even though the bible says we will), where sin abounds, grace abounds the more, because Jesus was, is and always will be The Victor. He defeated sin personally and for the whole world.

For you married folks, I recommend you discuss this post with your spouse. For those that don’t believe in a standard for sexual morality, just ask yourself, “How’s that working out for the world?” God help us all.

What do you think?

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