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Jesus Loves You. Everyone Else Thinks You Are an Asshole


Christian haters are often right.  There’s often zero apparent difference in the behavior between professing Christians and unbelievers.  Here’s some reasons why.

Some people claim to be Christians but they aren’t.  see former post on PETA, punk-rawk, christians, old navy, germans, and atheists. click here: old post

The whole point of the gospel is that folks are saved by grace and not by works.  It’s comical when folks try to discount Christianity by the actions of its followers when the foundation of Christianity rests solely on Jesus’ behavior and NOT on the followers. Dummies.

Many Christians are in the early stages of sanctification.  Even though we are saved only through Jesus, God still works on us after He saves us, making us better people. This process is called sanctification.  So here’s what happens when some one is “saved.” Pretend like you are a car and you go to the car wash.  The guy at the car wash says, “Partner, I can clean the inside perfectly AND put some chemicals on it that will keep it brand spanking new.  The outside, though?  That junk is dirty as hell.  I can clean it a little today, but you are going to have to bring it back every day for me to clean it more and it’s never going to be completely clean until you go to car heaven.”

Some of the worst people on this earth are the very ones that realize they need Jesus, because they are so screwed up.  The one that gives to Habitat for Humanity, adopts an orphan, trims his ear hair, is faithful to his wife and never lies also sees no need for a savior.  It’s the dude that screws up his life, cheats on his wife, is addicted to money and beer, and likes the Carolina Gamecocks that recognizes his need for a savior.  The only thing is, when he does accept Christ, he has a long journey with Christ to clean his life up and break all the these old habits.  The dude that is prideful about cleaning his own life up still looks good on the outside, but on the inside, makes a mockery of Jesus’ death and resurrection by thinking he can be his own messiah.

Christians lied by telling you all “this stuff is a sin.”  “That Christian just said “shit” and listens to Wu-Tang Clan. He also was in a bar and i heard him tell that other guy what his favorite beer was.  Why would I become a Christian when I’m no different from them right now.” The problem? THESE THINGS AREN’T SINS.  That’s not how Christians are supposed to be separate and look different.

Christians are primarily supposed to be separate, distinct and set apart by their obedience to the 2 most important commandments.  Love God and love others.  Not by the music they listen to, the types of word they use in certain situations and how they celebrate Halloween. Christians can shop for books at Barnes and Noble and buy music from Best Buy. They don’t HAVE to go to Family Christian Bookstore. Oh, wow!

You forgot that Christians were so bad, God Himself had to come and die for them.  Christians and unbelievers both forget this.  Don’t forget it anymore.

Just look at these examples:  David is going to start a kingship that Jesus will eventually take over and rule forever.  You mean the dude that got it on with another man’s wife, had a child with her and killed her husband to cover it up?  Yeah, that dude.  Jesus is going to build His church on Peter’s leadership.  You mean the dude that was such a coward that He denied the very founder of this faith? (who was God)  Yeah that dude.  God is currently doing a wonderful work through the ministry of Jim Baker.  You mean the dude that committed adultery on his wife and stole people’s money?  Yeah, that dude.  Joey Svendsen is a pastor of his church.  You mean the dude that doesn’t trust God enough, worships money, overeats, and has committed adultery in his heart?  Yeah that dude.

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