Joey’s response to Matt’s opinion of student ministry

joeyMatt, i think your post is a tough sell and too massive of a stereotype for student ministers. Perhaps you need to get out more and see some more student directors/youth pastors?

I do have different thoughts on how we should minister to this age group. Things along the lines of more intermixing with adult ministry, more partnering with parents, more discipleship, more challenge, and less “fluff,” but to make this sort of generalization about the people who get involved in leading students is unwarranted in my opinion. I think in many cases, you may be right, but in most cases, probably not. *added note: I do also think that any person in “student ministry” should also have the ability to lead adults.

My wife was led by a youth pastor in Iowa (that’s in the midwest, dummy) during her stint in student ministry. What’s this guy doing 17 years later today? Student ministry. It’s because this man has a gift and a unique calling for this age group; and the fruit is obvious.

Love the discussion AND I think it’s a very healthy one. Just think you are making too big of a jump. Much love, my ace.