I’m Thankful for Turkey & O.J. Simpson (We Home Boys)

Ok, so in my culture, some one may be a stranger to you, but if they are wearing a jersey of your favorite team, that’s your home boy. Some one who has the same favorite TV show? That’s your home boy. Why is this? When folks have mutual passions, there’s resonation simply because of the shared fondness towards a specific something. That’s why when your team scores while you are watching the game in a bar, you want to hug the hang out of a stranger, feeling kind of in love with the fellow fan that is a stranger to you.

For me, if some one is excited about Jesus’ death and resurrection, that’s my home boy. I may would want to kill myself before having a drink with that person, but we’re still down brothers (or sisters).

This is why O.J. Simpson is my home boy.

So, i was sitting in my education class at Winthrop University with my cinched thrift store pants, looking forward to getting back to my room for some Sonic the Hedgehog play. Then the professor stops class to tune into the final word of the O.J.hearing. Everything stops. If you are too young to remember this, just know that the O.J. Simpson court hearings had monopolized most of media for the whole year. Unfortunately, it WAS our nation’s story.

Unless you were dumb, naive, some one that didn’t want to face truth, or like a really weird Buffalo Bills fanatic, you knew that O.J. was guilty. Come on. A year prior, he’s racing away from police with thousands of dollars, a gun and a passport right after the murder of his wife and her friend. That looks about as guilty as my daughter’s mouth covered with chocolate when I told her not to eat the cookies.

The verdict? Not guilty. Not guilty? Not guilty? Are you serious?! Not guilty?! Absolutely stunning. From this point on, O.J. could not be charged with murder. “But, he’s still guilty,” we all respond. But, not legally guilty for this. Whether he did it or not, from a legal perspective, he was innocent of murder. Once and for all. To this day, many of us still can’t believe how crazy it is that O.J. got off. We fail to realize the irony here. This is exactly what’s happened to all Christians.

We have all sinned (Romans 3:23). Not only have we sinned, the sin was committed against a Holy and Righteous God. Our guilt can never be undone. In other words, what’s done is done. Once we’ve sinned, it can’t be erased. BUT, the sentencing and legal stance before God for those that put their faith in Jesus? Not guilty. The judge of the Universe has declared us not guilty through the blood of His Son. Sure, I’ve sinned, but are you going to step up to GOD and tell Him that I’m guilty of it? It won’t do you any good. Just like it wouldn’t do any one any good to legally charge O.J. with murder again.

This is why a Christian can say the following two statements and be right with both at the same time:
1. I am a sinner.
2. I am not a sinner.

We are sinners because we sin. Just like those that paint are painters. Don’t say you are righteous and neglect to bring attention to how scandalous of an act is was for God to declare you “not guilty.” Stunning and yet totally justified. No more, “I’m not perfect, just forgiven” crap, ok? You were actually worthless and still SOME HOW forgiven.

We are not sinners because God has spoken otherwise. He says innocent and the punishment we deserved was taken out on Christ. Don’t say you are a filthy sinner without bringing glory to Jesus’ forgiveness. If you do this, you make light of what He did on the cross for you. He MADE you righteous. No more, “Woe is me, I’m a sinner.”

Let God be true and every one else a liar (Romans 3:4)
Let O.J. be a true example of all of us. (that’s my home boy)

What do you think?

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