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Sin exists because of our nature. Sin does not exist because God wants it to exist. God wants the opposite. He wants there to be no sin, no death, and no evil.

Then why does he allow it to happen, you say?

Why does a so-called “all-knowing” and “all-loving” God allow people to suffer?

So my question to you would be, why do YOU allow it to happen? Our decisions, or lack their of, determine the extent of sin in our world. Why are there starving children all over the world? Could God feed them? Yes. Does he? Yes. How? Through us. We are the designated hands and feet of God. Sure, God could rain down cheeseburgers, french fries and chocolate milkshakes if he chose, but what good would that do. He did the same thing for people in the Old Testament, but they grumbled and complained that they wanted something better…something different. I imagine that eventually someone would regulate the “heavenly” burgers, tax them, and they would be put into store where people pay high prices for them. Except that already happens. Food is grown from the earth and sold all over the world, but because of our selfishness and lack of compassion, we have to make a profit. Children are starving because at some point or another, the leaders of their government made bad choices, leading to the eventual demise of the country. Eventually, we have to take responsibility for our own sin.

Why does he allow someone to walk into a school and shoot innocent children? He could blast them with a lightning bolt and send them straight to hell, right? Well, I would say the people in that person’s life could have been more aware of his/her struggles and intervene. Someone could listen to them. Someone could be a friend to them. We could make a difference, if we weren’t so self-absorbed. Sometimes people do bad stuff even if someone tries to help, and that’s unfortunate. God could strike them down, but I imagine someone would say that God was being unfair because that person deserved a right to trial. Many times, great things happen, but I don’t see God getting a whole lot of credit for those. We just like to point our finger up when terrible things happen.

The way I see it, God really doesn’t have a chance. No credit…All blame. This could be a perfect utopia with no sin, no death, and no evil. I believe it originally was, and eventually will be again. But as long as we are here with our sinful natures driving us…it won’t be.