Spring Break Crowds are SOO CUTE!!

spring break

Isn’t it adorable how those college kids act on spring break?     You cant be too mad at the hipster crowds at South by Southwest this week are who just trying to get wasted and have sex with each other right?  Yea now that you mention it, I don’t have much tolerance for people who throw morality out the window, like the fake soulless people in Hollywood, Criminals, Pedophiles and such.  They get what they deserve. They don’t have an excuse, even the Bible says that.  I know It also says somewhere in there that we are supposed to love them, but I’m not sure how, because…

They willingly do stuff that irritates or even disgusts me.

They flaunt their sin in my face.

They are totally selfish.

They don’t appreciate what they have been given.

They destroy good things, including their own selves.

They refuse wisdom and help that we offer them.

Let me suggest that you do know EXACTLY how to love and treat them.  The same way you lovingly view and treat little children.  Little kids exhibit all the qualities on this list, additionally, not to be controversial, but the reality is that children for the most part ARE NON-CHRISTIANS.  We are sinful from the womb, born of Adam, we came into the world sinning.  At some point along our way Jesus stepped in, gave us the Holy Spirit, showed us the truth, and we became alive in Christ.  Before this, all we did was sin. Both our moral and immoral acts, good and bad behavior was sin.

So its not that unreasonable to view even “gross” sinners as simply older, more advanced in the art of sin, children.  They have more mental ability, freedom and resources, but their hearts are just the same as your cute little nieces and nephews, and as crazy as it sounds, your own little ones. As offensive as this can sound it gives us a hint of understanding of God’s mercy on us. We are amazingly patient and forgiving with children, somewhere along the way we stop, God does not.  I sure am thankful that He has been so patient with me.

What do you think?

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