Is Suicide a Free, Non-Stop, Straightway Ticket to Hell?

deadShe what?! I’ll never forget sitting in my junior year english class in 1994 when I heard that my friend had committed suicide. There’s just no way this is real. After realizing that it was indeed for real, just like Kurt Cobain a month prior, I faced the fact that my friend was in hell forever, separated from God and anything else that is good. forever. Or was she?

Let’s start with Jesus’ words:

He says on the cross, “It is finished.” Thus, there’s nothing left to be done for a person to be saved, other than accept what Jesus, and He alone, has done.

The question here is not about the sin (in this case, suicide), but rather whether or not a person has accepted Jesus. If some one commits suicide, given this person is a Christian, Jesus already made a way for that person to go to heaven.

Well, then. The next question; can a true Christian commit suicide? Answer? True Christians do a LOT of sinning. What if we start asking this about other sins (can a true Christian cheat on a spouse, fall into homosexuality, smoke weed, eat too much) and the next thing you know, we’ve defined Christianity by what we do rather than on what Jesus did.

The misconception of “hell-bound suicidal Christians don’t-pass-go don’t-collect-$200″ theory rests on the fact that people can’t “enter heaven with sin on their heart.” Thus, a logical progression of thought is as follows: Christians are only Christians when they have confessed all of their sin up until that point in which they die.

I totally disagree. Yes, we are commanded to confess our sins (1 John 1:9). Here’s what I think about confession, though. If Jesus is the most important person in our life, we’ll want to repent voluntarily; and confession is a sign of that repentance. So, technically, do I believe that one can “get saved” and never again ask for forgiveness and still go to heaven? Yes I do. Weird.

However, this would be a CRAZY way for a Christian to live and make little sense. Think if Peter never said he was sorry to Jesus after punking him out thrice. Wouldn’t there be some weirdness between the two of the them? Not a good foundation for a solid relationship.

If suicide sends a person to hell on account of it being unconfessed sin, what about this scenario: walking to the grocery store, seeing an elderly lady in desperate need for help in crossing the street, you have plenty of time to help, but don’t; then, when YOU cross the street, get hit by a bus and die before asking forgiveness for your selfishness. Have fun in hell, right? It’s unconfessed sin, so I don’t know why that’s any different than suicide.

Two more things: If dying with “unconfessed sin on your heart” sends one to hell, don’t you think the Lord’s Prayer would start with “Our father, forgive me of my sins” rather than “Our father, who art in heaven?” Otherwise, what if you get capped before getting to the “asking forgiveness” part. That would suck.

Lastly, in all seriousness, if you lost a friend to suicide and it is likely that they were not a believer, don’t underestimate the grace of God. Do you think it’s far-fetched that Jesus could have given them some extra seconds of consciousness in order to lead his or her heart to repentance before they slip away? I don’t.

What do you think?

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