Southern Boys Gone Wild: why We Do This Here UNlearning Shenanigans

So…..heading in to the decision of doing this blog, there were a lot of thoughts in me, Toby and Matt’s head (Toby’s head is really big, btw, fyi).  We actually were so arrogant in believing that we had a unique way of thinking or at the very least, a unique way of communicating how we […]

Turbo-Nerd 3064

There have  been many comments. Some helpful. Some hurtful. There are many opinions on this subject. Some (agreeable and disagreeable) were expressed with love and intentions to build up while others were expressed with ill will, a desire to make others look stupid, and possibly even to build personal ego. The ones that were unlovingly […]

Jesus Saved My Ass – Part II

Feature Video By Matt Carter It’s Joey, the writer of “Jesus Saved My Ass.” It’s been by far our most popular post yet. I caught up with Matt Carter, another writer of this blog & and asked him to follow up on the last post, touching on many of your comments. Before you watch, I’d love […]