Twitter is in heaven now and UN-learning has Access to It

We’ll release the best of the best every now and then.  Here’s what we have for right now: Twitter exchange #1 @Noah:  Come on, guys.  We don’t sin anymore up here, remember?  Can some one PLEASE let me taste some of this wine? Geez @KingDavid:  @Noah,  NO ONE wants to see that big hairy butt, […]

Jesus Loves You. Everyone Else Thinks You Are an Asshole

  Christian haters are often right.  There’s often zero apparent difference in the behavior between professing Christians and unbelievers.  Here’s some reasons why. Some people claim to be Christians but they aren’t.  see former post on PETA, punk-rawk, christians, old navy, germans, and atheists. click here: old post The whole point of the gospel is […]