Twitter is in heaven now and UN-learning has Access to It

T2We’ll release the best of the best every now and then.  Here’s what we have for right now:

Twitter exchange #1

@Noah:  Come on, guys.  We don’t sin anymore up here, remember?  Can some one PLEASE let me taste some of this wine? Geez

@KingDavid:  @Noah,  NO ONE wants to see that big hairy butt, bro.  no offense.

@IdiednexttoJesus:  @KingDavid, are you really messing with Noah about the whole “nakedness thing?”  At least he was DRUNK.  You did it voluntarily.

Twitter exchange #2

@Mal-has-his-ear-back:  Hey, guys.  Can you tell me when @denyJesus3—I mean–@Peter_hates_roosters comes my way.  I’m going to try and cut BOTH of his ears off.

@Peter_hates_roosters:  @Malhashisearback:  Dude, I said “my bad!”  LOL.  Just think though, you wouldn’t be up here if I hadn’t cut your ear off.

Twitter exchange #3

@JesusChrist: I’m so glad @ChrisFarley surrendered to me.  He’s got us in stitches up here.

@OnceSaul_NowPaul:  @JesusChrist, read Romans 9.  He didn’t surrender nothing.

@JesusChrist: @OnceSaul_NowPaul, oh, the memories.  I TOLD Dad that your grammar was too horrible to use for 14 books of the Bible.  Dad was right though.  Nothing is impossible with Him (us).

Single Tweets

@JohntheB:  This white robe thing is getting pretty old and why can’t we eat bugs here?

@Daniel:  Oh, snap.  Packers beat Lions.  I just have never seen lions catch a break.

@balaam:  enough of the jackass jokes, please.  LOL.

@manycolors:  kind of crazy seeing what gets people depressed on earth. I was up in the pen for over a decade, baby.  Over a decade! And i didn’t touch that girl.




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