Here’s Who We Are Voting For Tomorrow

We are voting for lots of Christians to do some changing.  Alright, so I’m a Patriot (not in the NFL sense. In that case, I’m a Cheesehead, and we beat up on Patriots in the Super Bowl.  Our cousins, the Bears, do too. Reference ’85 and ’96 seasons).  I do NOT like how many Christians make voting a part of their religion.  Only TWO things that the Bible commands Christians to do as far as the government is concerned:

1.  Submit to the leaders (Romans 13:1):  Does this mean carry out evil orders that are contrary to God’s commands?  No, but it certainly doesn’t entail talking about them like they are a middle school dummy + Satan.  The President is still the President.  And yet, depending on who is in office, you talk about the office in the same way you talk about your most hated football rival.  That’s not submission by any means.  I promise.

2. Pray for the leaders (1 Timothy 2:2):  When’s the last time you truly prayed for those in office?

Here are some general practices that the bible teaches us to carry out towards every one (this would include those that are in the political arena):

1.  Love them (Matthew 5:44):  I’ll never forget the time I told some one (a Christian) that I thought Bill Clinton would be kind of fun to hang out with over steak and a beer.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  Really.  Would you have the same reaction if I said this about Mel Gibson?  It would probably make just as much sense if you did.

2.  Consider them as better than you (Philippians 2:3): You see, this is the crux of the Christian faith.  We are all in the same sinking boat of sin and we all need grace to rescue us.  Without the “Jesus life preserver,” (you know you like that) we are all destined for eternity without God.  THIS is why, once we have accepted Jesus as our savior we can still and SHOULD consider others as better than us.  That’s what love is all about.

Christians can vote, and it’s probably a good idea at best, but don’t say that it’s a Christians’s responsibility to do so.  If so, maybe you should ask yourself how often you pray and how well you submit.

Whoever wins, whether it’s Obama Rama or Mit tac toe, the facts remain.  Sin imprisons, Jesus saves, real change happens through what Jesus did, and the cross is the only hope for the world.

All due respect to both of these guys and may peace pass all understanding to the one who falls short after all that work.

What do you think?

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